Top 10 Sunglasses Trends of Summer 2017

Fashion trends change every season, and eyewear is no exception. This summer has been all about bold colors, brow bars, and round shapes.

Here are the top 10 sunglasses trends of summer 2017:

1. Oversized Frames "If it ain't broke, make it bigger." Oversized frames have been around for awhile now, and it appears that they are here to stay. Larger frames provide more coverage of your eyes and the skin around them, resulting in better protection from harmful UV light.

Featuring: Square by Stella McCartney

Photo credit: Stella McCartney

2. Shields & Masks

This retro style has been revived with a modern futuristic twist to create a seamless look.

Featuring: Leonard by Illesteva

Photo credit: Illesteva

3. Perfect Circles Round sunglasses are a flattering shape for anyone with sharp features like a square face or a prominent jaw. Opt for a classic black pair for an ultra-glam look, or try a lighter color for a more boho vibe.

Featuring: Mister Zimi x Pared by Pared

Photo credit: Pared

4. Geometric Shapes I don't mean to sound obtuse, but this trend has gone off tangent. #geometryjokes

Featuring: Octavia by Krewe

Photo credit: Krewe

5. Extreme Cat-Eyes This iconic and vintage-inspired look is timeless. Angular shapes are edgy and eccentric, whereas round shapes are more elegant and subdued.

Featuring: Samantha by Tom Ford

Photo credit: Tom Ford

6. Brow Bars & Double Wires The brow bar is typically spotted on aviator styles, but it's been making an appearance on all types of silhouettes. Double wires add a little drama to any pair of sunnies.

Featuring: Ferlandina by Etnia Barcelona

Photo credit: Etnia Barcelona

7. Cool Blue Lenses Pools, ocean waves, the sky... what do all of these things have in common? The color blue. Step aside winter, blue is now summer's domain.

Featuring: Remick by Oliver Peoples

Photo credit: Oliver Peoples

8. Icy Clear Frames It must be the heat, because here comes winter again with the ice. Not ready to commit to a bold color, but want something different than your classic black or tortoise? Go for clear frames. They're super versatile and add an extra cool factor to any summer look.

Featuring: Elston by STATE Optical Co.

Photo credit: STATE Optical Co.

9. Rimless Frames Sometimes less is more. These frameless sunnies eliminate the excess in favor of the dramatic.

Featuring: Noir by Miu Miu

Photo credit: Miu Miu

10. Colored Mirror Lenses "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" You, of course! From feminine, soft tones like muted rose gold to bright, bold colors like aqua blue, these sunglasses are sure to make a statement.

Featuring: Blaze Hexagonal by Ray-Ban

Photo credit: Ray-Ban

What is your favorite trend from this season?

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